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Bee Organika is a social enterprise dedicated to empowering farmers and beekeepers worldwide, fostering their growth, and ensuring fair-trade practices

We partner with these hardworking individuals to create a sustainable market that benefits both producers and consumers. Through our transparent and ethical sourcing practices, we strive to build trust among all stakeholders. We actively collaborate with farmers and beekeepers, providing them with the support and resources they need to cultivate high-quality honey and honey products

We are committed to promoting environmentally-friendly beekeeping practices that prioritize the well-being of bees and their habitats. By doing so, we contribute to the preservation of these vital pollinators and the biodiversity of our planet

By creating a direct connection between beekeepers and consumers, we eliminate unnecessary intermediaries, ensuring that the farmers and beekeepers receive fair compensation for their hard work and dedication. This approach not only enhances the economic livelihoods of these individuals but also strengthens local communities 

Furthermore, we believe in fostering education and knowledge-sharing within the industry. We actively engage in initiatives that promote sustainable beekeeping techniques, provide training opportunities, and support research and development projects focused on improving honey production methods

Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a global market where farmers and beekeepers thrive, consumers enjoy the finest  honey products, and the world benefits from a sustainable and equitable industry. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of those involved in honey production and the broader ecosystem



The Company The Nature Honey  and its brand Bee Organika is a social enterprise founded in 2008 by a former technocrat who left his leadership roles in multinational IT companies to pursue his passion for beekeeping. He was dismayed by the plight of farmers in his village, many of whom were struggling to make a living. He also learned about the importance of bees to our food supply and the decline of bee populations worldwide. Bee Organika is passionate community of beekeepers, farmers, food tasters, and life enthusiasts working to change the world

The founder decided to start Bee Organika to help farmers and bees. He provides bee hives to farmers at no cost and trains them on hive management and honey harvesting. He also buys honey from farmers at a fair price, including honey from his own farm. He sells honey directly to consumers through his website and at farmer’s markets

Bee Organika is a leading Indian brand of honey and honey-based products, known for its purity, quality, and rich flavor. The company harvests honey from various parts of India using sustainable beekeeping practices and conducts three layers of quality testing to ensure its high quality. Bee Organika honey is certified by AGMARK   and CODEX, two leading food safety organizations

Bee Organika is a mission-driven organization that is committed to sustainable agriculture and fair trade. The founder believes that everyone deserves to have access to pure, healthy honey, and he is working to make that a reality


To be the world's leading provider of pure and natural honey, sourced from ethical and sustainable beekeeping practices

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To empower farmers and beekeepers worldwide, promote sustainable beekeeping practices, and cultivate a global market for fair-trade honey and honey products, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of pure, healthy honey

Why choose Bee Organika honey?

             Our honey is carefully sourced and tested to ensure that it                         meets our high standards for purity and quality

             Variety : Bee Organika offers a wide variety of honey types to                                     choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your taste and needs.

             Quality : Bee Organika honey is raw and unpasteurized, which means it                 retains all the natural enzymes and nutrients found in honey

             Ethical Sourcing : Bee Organika ethically sources its honey from small                   beekeepers who use sustainable and natural methods to produce high-               quality honey

             Health Benefits : Each type of honey has its own unique flavor profile                     and health benefits

How beekeeping helps farmers ? 


                    Beekeeping is a sustainable agricultural practice that can              help farmers in a number of ways :


             Increased crop yields : Bees pollinate about 75% of the world's food                   crops. When farmers have enough pollinators, their crops produce                       more food. In some cases, crop yields can increase by as much as 60%               when bees are present.

             Improved crop quality :  Bees help to ensure that crops are fully                           pollinated, which can improve the quality of the crops. For example,                   fully pollinated apples are larger and more flavorful than apples that                   are not fully pollinated.

              Reduced pest and disease pressure: Many pollinators also help to                      control pests and diseases by eating them or spreading beneficial                        fungi and bacteria. Without pollinators, farmers may have to use                          more pesticides and herbicides,which can be expensive and harmful                  to the environment

              Increased income: Beekeepers can sell honey, beeswax, and other                      bee products to generate additional income. This can be especially                      helpful for small-scale farmers. 




We harvest 28 varieties of honey and manufacture value-added honey-based products, such as amla honey, gulkand, bamboo shoots honey, cherry honey, dehydrated products with honey, and infused products like turmeric with honey, ginger with honey, and brahmi with honey.

Our products have received positive reviews from customers, who have praised them for their taste, purity, and quality.

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