Stingless Honey

Bee Organika’s Stingless Honey ( Cheruthen or small honey ) is a natural product produced by both honey bees and stingless bees ( Meliponini Trigona ). Both types of honey contain unique and distinct types of phenolic and flavonoid compounds of variable biological and clinical importance.  Stingless bee honey is twice as nutritious as ordinary honey, according to the reserch organisations .

Stingless bee honey is called Mother Medicine and there are an increasing number of traditional practitioners and researchers suggesting its use.

Propolis is considered beneficial to heatlh because it contains all 16 amino acids, glucose, vitamins A, B, C, D and E, bioflavonoids and minerals.

Bioflavanid repairs and improves the systems of the human body and livestock.

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Bee Organika’s Stingless Honey is also restorative after an illness and said to sooth pain, act as antiseptic, hasten healing, relieve cough and be effective in curing burns, carbuncle, boils and diabetic wounds. Stingless bee honey certainly has a lot of nutrients because meliponine is smaller than the normal bee and can suck nectar from flowers to the deepest space. As a result, the honey collected contains many vitamins and minerals, among which is propolis, produced from the bee’s saliva mixed with its food such as pollen, bark, tree shoots and flowers.

Stingless bees also collect nectar, which they store in an extension of their gut called a crop. Unlike a hive of commercial honeybees, which can produce 75 kg of honey a year, a hive of Indian stingless bees produces less than 1 kg. Stingless bee honey is considered to be the most nutritious honey than other honey varieties. Stingless honey bees exist in most parts of the world. These bees are much smaller than the usual honey bees and each of them is not bigger than 5 mm. One of a unique feature of these honey bees is that they are not stingers.

Stinglessbee honey is considered medicinal because it collects nectar and pollen from small wild growing plants and trees, it is difficult for bigger bees to get inside smaller flowers. Stingless bees largely feed on coco palm, banana, guava, papaya, mango, tamarind, thumbapoo, touch-me-not plant(thottavadi), jackfruit tree, Tulsi (Holy Basil), Communist pacha,kulir mavu, teak for honey, pollen and resin.


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  1. Stingless bee honey is considered as medicinal because it is collects nectar and pollen from small wind growing plants and trees, it if difficult for bigger bees to get inside the small flowers.
  2. Stingless bee honey has anti-bacterial properties that help with infections.
  3. It contains vitamin and minerals that enhance the immune system.
  4. Honey from stringless bees has a relaxing effect on people that aids in restful sleep.

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