Antimicrobial Activity

Royden Brown in his book ‘Bee Hive Product Bible’ provides invaluable insight into the properties of bee products. He writes about the use of Honey to treat respiratory ailments, and relates to exhaustive research conducted in Bulgaria:

“We found Honey has bactericidal, anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties that insure the body an immunobiological defense and give it the capacity to regenerate its attacked cells”.

One antioxidant in particular, pinocembrin, which is unique to honey, is currently being studied for its antibacterial properties. According to the research, honey’s high sugar content slows bacterial growth by reducing the amount of water available to them. In addition, an enzyme secreted from the bee’s mouth makes hydrogen peroxide, which acts as an antibacterial agent when diluted with water. Honey’s acidity also has anti-bacterial properties. Thus, honey can be used for: